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316L is a kind of brand for stainless steel materials, AISI 316L is the corresponding American standard brand, sus 316L is the corresponding Japanese standard brand.

Executive standard: GB/T3077-198818Cr2Ni4W belongs to high-strength medium alloy carburized steel. To ensure that the content of carbides and austenite does not exceed the standard, carburization can be carried out after high-temperature tempering at 900~920 ℃, tempering at 600~650 ℃, and cryogenic treatment. The hardness after oil quenching is about 48. To achieve HRC58-63, surface carburization is necessary. 18Cr2Ni4W steel is commonly used as alloy carburized carbon steel, which has high strength, toughness, and good hardenability. It can also be used without carburizing and quenching. It is generally used as important parts with large cross-section, high load, good toughness, and low notch sensitivity.

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