What is round steel and what are its characteristics

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Stainless steel round steel belongs to the category of long products and also belongs to the category of rods. The so-called round steel refers to a solid long stainless steel bar with a uniform circular cross section, which is generally about four meters long. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters in diameter. "50" means round steel with a diameter of 50 mm.
According to the difference in surface, round steel can be divided into light round and black rod. The so-called smooth circle means that the surface is smooth and has been subjected to quasi-rolling treatment. The so-called black rod refers to the black and rough surface, which is directly hot rolled. Common materials are 301, 304, 303, 316, 316L, 304L, 321, 2520, 201, 202, and so on.
Round steel is divided into three types: hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. The size of hot-rolled round steel is 5.5-250 mm. Among them: 5.5-25mm small round steel is mostly supplied in straight bundles, and is often used as steel bars, bolts and various mechanical parts; round steel larger than 25mm is mainly used for manufacturing mechanical parts or as seamless steel pipe billets.